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If you would like to have a private session with one of the amazing certified instructors at jalaBlu Yoga please reach out to


Jenna Pfingston is the owner of jalaBlu Yoga and jalaBlu School of Yoga.  Her passion for yoga was not instant but after finding the right style and teachers her love affair continued to expand.  Jenna has studied yoga for 19 years and at the age of 38 while traveling through South East Asia for 6 months she started to dream and visualize of a space that grew community, peace and awareness.  Jenna is honored to hold a few certifications through Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500, YACEP, and RYS 200) and previously had an Anusara Inspired certification.  Jenna has studied closely with Christina Sell for many years but has enjoyed branching off with other styles and teachers to discover new layers of yoga.  Jenna's most recent yoga study was with Ashley Turner with Psyche Soul which connected to the roots of psychology within yoga.  Jenna rediscovered her ongoing curiosity within the 7 main energy portals, the chakras.  Today she invites students to go deeper within the layers of who they are and their lineage to uncover the dust and enjoy more freedom.  

Jenna continues to be a student on this path and through her studies she has cultivated a deeper connection to her light.   Her hopes is that within her space at jalaBlu Yoga and beyond that her offerings will invite souls to elevate their lives and recognize their own light within.

Jenna spends a lot of her time working with souls one and one.  Private sessions are always an opportunity to dive deeper into the practice and into the emotional body. Please go to the tab labeled 'private yoga sessions' to learn more.

Jenna is known for her clear articulation within alignment, a treasure box of variations within postures, a love for ceremony and ritual, connecting voice with mantras, holding a safe sacred space and an ongoing invitation to be playful (lila) within the path of yoga and within this wild human experience.

Currently Jenna is working on a NEW and EXCITING certification out side of yoga. However, the wisdom that she is already cultivating through this new study is already starting to interweave within her yoga offerings. Stay tuned for a new website with Jenna and her new certification. “Embodiment is a truth that lives much deeper in our being." ~ Jenna Ward

'Discover the Power of You!' jalaBlu Yoga Mantra                                                                                                               




Adrienne O'Reilly

Adrienne O'Reilly teaches jalaRestore and Affirm, weaving affirmations into restorative poses and gentle yoga.  Adrienne has been a massage therapist for thirteen years and naturally likes to include hands on adjustments in class.  Yoga has been very healing for Adrienne on many levels and she credits Jenna and jalaBlu for facilitating the manifestation of a Big dream; writing a novel!  Her first novel Moon Springs Mayhem is available on Amazon and she is currently working on Moon Springs Magic.  She writes under the name Beatrice Belle.

Come relax and rest with Adrienne, your nervous system will thank you!  Slow down and listen to all the layers of yourself; mind, body, emotion, and spirit.  Whatever your dreams, jalaBlu is a sacred space that can hold them.



Julie Wilson

Julie’s health and wellness career started in 2009 as an ACE certified personal trainer in Denver and Summit County with a desire to help others become happier with their bodies. As much as she loved her yoga practice, she didn’t start teaching until 2016 when she got her 200 hour YTT with Karen Anderson in Vail with an emphasis in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Meditation. Like many of us, Julie was intrigued by the physical aspects of yoga but found so much more of a mind-body experience. Julie is grateful to have a diverse background from teaching both power vinyasa and yin, to personal training a wide variety of ages and abilities, to barre and bootcamp classes; all which have given her a well-rounded approach to understanding the body and helping others find peace and fulfillment. 
You can find her exploring the mountains in the sunshine or shredding in the snow. Her dance background has cultivated a love of the ‘flow’ of yoga in which she enjoys incorporating movement with breath in dynamic yet thoughtful classes. Julie’s husband and two crazy dogs love living in Buena Vista, and she now shares her love and passions with her one year old daughter, Skye Dakota. 

Cat Tobin

I have shared a love of mindful living,  soulful celebration of this existence, and the practice of yoga with many people in a variety of different places throughout the last decade. 

I completed my 200hr YTT with jalaBlu School of Yoga in January of 2017. I have continued to expand my offerings of peaceful and intentional movement with students of all ages. 

Buena Vista, Colorado is my home and a place that inspires my love of nature, adventure, and happy community. I am honored to be in this space, to continue to strengthen and share this feel good practice of Love and Light.

Stephanie Helm

Stephanie has enjoyed physical activities and been an athlete her entire life.  This naturally drew her to yoga.  The physical practice intertwined with the spiritual practice is what motivated her to make yoga an integral part of her daily life.  Stephanie completed a Iyengar teacher training in 2011 at the Academy of Yoga in Grand Junction, CO.  During that time her 2 children were born.  This gave her the opportunity to cultivate a dedicated home practice.  She is a teacher at heart and taught elementary and middle school students on the western slope for 7 years.  Her passion in teaching yoga is to encourage others to turn inward and strive to feel their best.

Tana Deklevar

Tana’s yoga journey began in 2006 on the East coast with a routine vigorous vinyasa practice.  She moved to Buena Vista, CO in 2011, and began focusing her practice on alignment at jalaBlu with Jenna. Her passion for the fitness aspect of yoga quickly evolved into building a relationship between her mind, body and breath. The personal balance she was able to gain from practicing yoga lead her heart to open her mind to sharing this passion as a yoga instructor. In 2014 she attended a 200 hour yoga training course, which she was fortunate to complete that March in the sands of Baja, Mexico. Her desire for travel and her love of yoga have become one force within her. She enjoys leading yoga classes wherever life leads her abroad, and can contribute her level two reiki training to all students she encounters around the world. She has enjoyed her training and devoted experiences in all facets of the art of yoga. Currently, she has circled back to her roots of teaching vinyasa and calling Buena Vista home. During classes she encourages students to connect breath to movement as they flow through asana sequences. She inspires students to leave refreshed, revitalized and empowered!


Claudia Juhrs

Claudia began the practice of Yoga at jalaBlu in 2010 and studied to become a Yoga Instructor in Mexico in 2015. She is currently registered by Yoga Alliance as a 200HR Yoga Teacher and has taught yoga at jalaBlu off and on for the last two years. Claudia loves to incorporate a variety of styles of yoga and is mostly inspired by Yin-, Iyengar- and Kundalini lineages of yoga. Her heart honors the lunar and more reflective part of our being - her vision is to create an environment where one can step out of the hectic, even stressful, world of social affairs and business deadlines an come back to inner balance and tranquility. However, she also, very successfully teaches more energetic yang style yoga flows and strengthening classes.

Additionally, Claudia is an Usui/Holy Fire Level III Reiki (energy healing) practitioner and, in addition, successfully completed an intensive massage program at "Crestone Healing Arts Center" with the focus on eastern healing modalities such as Shiatsu, Jin Shin Acupressure, Reflexology and Massage.  She knows the body well and we are lucky to have her!

Kate Haviland

Kate received her 200hr YTTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow from Kranti Yoga School in Goa, India. She completed her training in December of 2017. Her certification is also for meditation, pranayama techniques and kriyas. She also hopes to expand her knowledge and complete more trainings in the near future.

She started her yoga journey 7 years ago and has enjoyed it every step of the way. She enjoys practicing a lot of different styles of yoga, but really loves the connection of breath with movement that you find in a vinyasa class.

Originally from Missouri, but has lived in Colorado since 2011. Other then yoga, you can find her playing outside, whether it's hiking, backpacking, adventuring with friends or romping about with her furry four legged friends!

Sarah Kuhn

Sarah moved to Colorado in 1999 and has been a BV resident on and off ever since, first as a river guide on the Arkansas and a ski patroller at Monarch Mountain and now as a homeowner and yoga teacher.  Sarah took Jenna's first Intro to Yoga class and jalaBlu in 2010 and, after years of team sports and fast-paced athletics, was not convinced she was ready for yoga.  Sarah soon realized her body was ready for yoga and, with previous exposure to Vipassana meditation, her mind soon realized yoga was needed.  In April 2015 Sarah took her 200 hour teacher training at Shoshoni Mountain Ashram in Rollinsville, CO.  There she was trained in Shambhava Yoga, a form of practice which focuses on love and gratitude and puts as much emphasis on meditation and pranayama as on asana. 

    These days when she is not at the studio, Sarah is running, hiking, or skiing on the trails in Chaffee and Lake Counties; nurturing plants; or consuming a new book. 



Maartje Maas-Potterton

Maartje’s Yoga path started when she moved to the United States from The Netherlands in 2008 and discovered Yoga as her new passion. She became certified in 2010 through Yogafit (and continues to study for her 500 hours certification). Maartje has taught Yoga in Virginia and Canada before she and her husband landed in Buena Vista. She loves teaching Yoga and is dedicated to have her students feel good and successful about their practice, teaching mindfulness, intention and the act of being kind to ourselves and our bodies. She teaches a gentle, yet invigorating class with lots of space for personal options. She also has a foot reflexology practice in Buena Vista where she works with Essential Oils to address her client’s wellness needs. 

Besides Yoga she loves camping and backpacking in the great outdoors, growing veggies and herbs in their backyard, sewing and playing cards. She is excited to be a part of the jalaBlu community and is looking forward to see you in one of her Yoga classes!


Laine Gallegos

I was lucky enough to find the practice of yoga at the age of 13.  Throughout the years, yoga has been an integral part of my life, anchoring me in times of change and continuously bringing me home to myself.  I feel incredibly honored to share the practice and teachings of yoga with others.  I have studied numerous styles of yoga with many incredible teachers.  I love to practice and teach vinyasa flow; steeped in reverence for the sacred and rooted in thoughtful alignment.  I believe that the practice of yoga can enable us to make big shifts in our life, on and off of the mat. I am also a mama, acupuncturist and herbalist. My two young children are a continuous source of inspiration and joy. Aiding others to feel their best through acupuncture and herbal medicine is a great passion of mine as well.  When I am not on the mat or in the clinic, you can find me exploring wild places with my beloved family and our animals.   


Haily Trevisiol

Haily will help you flourish in your physical practice using alignment based direction, movement and laughter. She uses her artistic background to plan fun, fresh classes that will challenge, inspire, nourish and help to spark your own creative flame. Haily teaches vinyasa flow, alignment, Ayurveda and restorative yoga. Her teaching resonates as an experience beyond the edges of your mat and into your world, encouraging you to find your own balance, be your best self, and follow your dreams. 

RYT500, YACEP, Relax & Renew Teacher, Wellness Coach