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Jenna Pfingston, owner of jalaBlu Yoga,

offers many private sessions depending on your needs. 

Jenna loves working one on one whether it be the introduction of yoga, an opportunity to cultivate a stronger practice, working with a disability or injury, group private sessions, grieving sessions and more.  Jenna holds the practice of yoga for 'everyone' and with the desire to be curious we can step more deeply into our journey and 'discover the power of you!'

Single Session for One Yogi $55

4 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $190

8 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $360

10 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $430

Double Private (2 people)  $85

4 Double Private Package (2 people / 4 sessions) $330

Group Sessions (Please Contact Jenna for Prices)  Jenna incorporates special yoga classes for weddings, team building, family yoga, etc...Jenna also infuses ceremony & ritual blessings for special occasions.

Jenna Pfingston is the owner of jalaBlu Yoga and jalaBlu School of Yoga.  Her passion for yoga was not instant but after finding the right style and teachers her love affair continued to expand.  Jenna has studied yoga for 17 years and at the age of 38 while traveling through South East Asia for 6 months she started to dream and visualize of a space that grew community, peace and awareness.  Jenna is honored to hold a few certifications through Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500, YACEP, and RYS 200) and previously had an Anusara Inspired certification.  Jenna continues to study closely with her main teacher Christina Sell but has enjoyed branching off with other styles and teachers to discover new layers of yoga.  Jenna's new passion within this path is studying Sanskrit and it's many beautiful mantras along the way.

Jenna's most recent studies with Ashley Turner were focused on the psychology roots of yoga.   For many years she has had a strong following of private yoga sessions with students.    These private yoga sessions encompass:  beginners, meditation sessions, grieving sessions, fine tuning an individual practice, healing injuries, working with students who have physical challenges, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, advancing a practice, etc...Everyone can do yoga.  Jenna loves creating an individual practice that works for you!

Jenna continues to be a curious student on this path and through her studies she has cultivated a deeper connection to her light.   Her hopes is that within her space at jalaBlu Yoga each soul can deepen their own journey and discover more of who they are and the essence of their own light.

Jenna is known for her clear articulation within alignment, a treasure box of modifications within postures and an ongoing invitation to be playful and curious within the path of yoga.  

Meet Jenna’s style of teaching by trying a class or listening to one of her talks from her YouTube channel.             

Join Jenna Pfingston, the Goddess of Light for a journey into the Root Charka. Eventually there will be 7 classes relating to our main energy portals (chakras). The first one being the Root Chakra (Sanskrit is Muladhara). The Root Chakra is connected to our stability, safety, and the connection to lineage.