Sacral Chakra: 

You are water --- the essence of all forms, yet formless.  You are the point from which each direction flows, and you are the flow. You are the one that feels, you are the one that moves.  You are the one that embraces the other.

- Anodea Judith


jalaBlu Yoga Workshops

Please note that when signing up for a series or workshop there are no make up classes.  If you sign up for a workshop or event the cancellation policy is full money back if canceled a week prior to event, half of your money back 3 days prior to the event and no money back 2 days prior to the event.  We work hard to book special offerings with amazing teachers so we hope you can understand.  See you on your mat!

We are ready to CampOUT for the Cause June 1-3rd 2018.  Be sure to jump on line at !  Jenna will be collaborating with Brandy Wade on Saturday afternoon from 12-1:00pm.  We would love to see you!

This is a beautiful and profound opportunity to have Suzanne Sterling visit our valley.  We have scheduled this event on the October Full Moon.  Please sign up early so we can save a space for your curious heart. 

I am honored to be teaching at Yoga On the Mountain again in 2018!  Jump on line to grab your ticket and dive into a full weekend of curiosity.  I will be teaching a couple classes so check out the schedule and can't wait to see you.  LOVE!

Whether you are a teacher or student this is a great one day exploration into anatomy and assists.  If you would like to come to just the first half or last please contact jenna at 

jalaBlu Yoga Retreats

Please check back for our next 'jala' on the FLY! 

Jenna Pfingston will be collaborating with Brandy Wade November 1st-4th at Sun Valley Center for a Goddess Yoga Retreat.   Stay tuned for details. 

Jenna will also be offering an April Yoga Retreat and stay tuned for those details!  With 'jala' Love!