Private Yoga Sessions

Jenna Pfingston the owner of jalaBlu Yoga offers many private sessions depending on your needs.  Jenna loves working one on one whether it be the introduction of yoga, an opportunity to cultivate a stronger practice, working with a disability or injury, group private sessions, grieving sessions and more.  Jenna holds the practice of yoga for 'everyone' and with the desire to be curious we can step more deeply into our journey and 'discover the power of you!'

Single Session for One Yogi $45

4 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $165

8 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $320

10 Private Yoga Sessions for One Yogi $390

Double Private (2 people)  $75

4 Double Private Package (2 people / 4 sessions) $285

Group Sessions (4 people) $85 (5 and up) $20 per soul

If you would like to have a private with one of the other amazing certified instructors at jalaBlu Yoga please reach out (!