Class Descriptions

jala-Yin Yin Yoga offers an approach to balance physical and mental health, for serious students and beginners. Yin focuses up connective tissue and the acupuncture meridians found in these tissues. This practice is a moving meditation where we meet our edge, time, and stillness.

jalaVinyasa Let go of the day!  A strong practice focused on linking breath with postures as we create heat within a continuous flow.  You will build strength and flexibility while revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. All levels are welcome!

jalaFocus & Strength An all levels invitation to maintain strength and flexibility for all mountain activities.  Get ready to work and play hard while maintaining alignment, breath and flow.

jalaBasics & jalaBasics-Core Let's get grounded in the foundations of yoga.  Explore the 'basic' postures of yoga with optimal alignment.  This is a step up from the Intro to Yoga series and a great way to explore and expand your practice. 

jalaPractice (The Practice)  An alignment based asana practice (Hatha) interweaving pranayama (breath-work), meditation and mantra.  Expect strong focused work along the way as we explore and expand the beauty of asana. Friday's session will be more of an Intermediate practice but BOTH sessions will be powerful and grounding.

jalaLight  Tap into the 'lightness' of yoga as we navigate through a 'gentle' yoga practice.  A perfect class for the beginner or an invitation to slow down.  Restorative yoga mixed with gentle stretching.

jalaExperience The full experience:  a little meditation, a little pranayama, followed by mindful movement to help students establish a strong yogic foundation.   

Farmers Market Yoga (Down at South Main $8 or Punch Card Usable) A fun, movement-based class, designed to get you loosened up for the weekend and's Farmers Market Yoga...expect some Warrior 1 with a vegetable.  This class is $8 or punch pass usable through jalaBlu.