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Suggested Class Drop In: $15 / Punch Cards Available

Karma Compassion Pay Scale:  Are you low on cash?  No 'jala' problem!  We welcome individual class donations.  Give what you can! On the flip side,  If you feel the karma cash flow please choose one of the punch card options or $15 drop in.

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Strength & Focus:  Maintain strength and flexibility for all mountain activities.  Get ready to work and play hard while maintaining alignment, breath and focus.  

*Power Vinyasa: A strong practice focused on linking breath with postures as we create heat within a continuous flow.  You will build strength and flexibility while revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit.

VinYin:  This class is focused on bringing rejuvenation to body, mind, and breath. Balancing the deeply restorative postures of traditional Yin yoga with the movement of gentle and intentional Vinyasa flow. A mindful practice that will invite you to surrender into the true essence of life.

Restorative & Gentle Yoga:  A nurturing practice to honor the softening and slowing down in life.  Gentle movement interweaved with restorative yoga postures.

Gentle Flow:  A gentle yet invigorating flow.

Guided Monday Meditation:  Stephanie’s intention is to offer guidance, support, and encouragement as we meditate together. The meditation hour will consist of three components: 1)Guided meditation:  The guided meditation portion can be done in a restorative posture as well as seated.  We will be using a systematic approach that encourages the mind to relax and the body to rest. 2)Gentle yoga:  We will take time in between the two meditations for gentle movement and simple yoga postures. 3)Seated meditation: I will teach and together we will practice a simple technique for seated meditation.  We will learn to work with the mind (thought) and the body (emotion) rather than against them.  The seated meditation can be done on the floor with support or in a chair. There will be time allowed for reflection and questions.  With this class, I also hope to support students in a home meditation practice as well.  

Basics & Core:  The ‘basics’ of yoga takes us back to the roots of alignment.  Bringing our physical bodies into optimal alignment creates more peace within the emotional body. 

SunRise Flow:   A dynamic practice with roots in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga that connects the flow of breath with movement in a thoughtful and creative sequence.  Wake up and ‘flow’ into the day. Tuesday morning with Cat will be more ‘gentle’ in the ‘flow’ and Friday morning with Kate will be more ‘active’ in the roots of ‘Ashtanga’.

Hatha Flow:  Come ground down, breathe deep and move with intention.  This class will explore linking the breath to flowing and thoughtful physical movement.  We will practice alignment based hatha yoga steeped in intention and yogic philosophy. 

Align & Flow:  Align and Flow is a 75 or 90 minute alignment based yoga flow, emphasizing the importance of optimal form and action to promote longevity of your yoga practice and range of motion in your body. Class will be safely sequenced, fun and fresh. Expect to move, flow and breathe all while cultivating flexibility, strength and awareness both on and off your mat!

Embodied Flow: Join Jenna for TWO new classes on Friday. Embodied Flow (8:30am - 9:20am) is a constant flow within Breath, Yoga Movement, Mudras, and Intention.  An opportunity to move into a rhythmic trance and clear the dust.  This class will only be 50 minutes but you will leave feeling lighter and open to this wild human experience.  Following this class is another offering called, Strictly Core & Inversions (9:30am - 10:15am).  There will be variations for the inversions but please have a 'basic' and 'strong' understanding of  yoga.  An opportunity to strengthen your 'yoga core' and get 'upside down' with timed holds and playful 'yoga drills'.  You can do both classes with ONE 'jala' punch or just come to one and use a 'jala' punch.  It's gonna be FUN, NEW, and DIFFERENT